Write App Reviews Reviews [2023] – Scam or Legit Way To Make Money?

Write App Reviews Reviews [2023] – Scam or Legit Way To Make Money?


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You’re looking for more freedom and time. It is likely that you want to make more money, too. I certainly can relate. Your desire is to experience your life according to your preferences and not in the manner the society or your employer wants you to live your life.

With the mounting bills with debt to be paid, and the price of everything rising It’s not easy.

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Write App Reviews suggests an option However, is it legitimate?

This review will go over the what Write App Reviews is, how it functions and what it could help you. I’ll guide you through the members’ area, revealing the contents, and even if it’s a fraud.

Here are the subjects I’m planning to discuss…

  • What are Writing App Reviews?
  • Are Write App Reviews True?
  • How do Write App Reviews Function?
  • Write App Reviews, Reviews of Training and App Database
  • Write App Review Charge and refund policy
  • (Why I wanted to say) Review Apps and Write Reviews Are an Scam
  • Write App Review: Reviews, Complaints and Complaints
  • What I like and what I don’t like about Reviewing Apps
  • Where do you go from Here?

Disclaimer:Please note, I do not work as an affiliate for the Write App Reviews. The review was conducted within the Write App Reviews member’s area as well as from testimonials and/or information which are on the web and in public domain. Any suggestions or conclusions made are purely opinions and could not be applicable to, or be apprehensive about the opinions of all people or situations. Read the full disclaimer for further details

Click Here To Visit (Writeappreviews-com) Official Website

What are Writing App Reviews?

Write App Review is a program that shows you how to make money by downloading and reviewing apps. Their tagline is, “make money testing apps on your phone or tablet.”

It’s a three-step simple process According to them:

  • Step 1 – Select an application to test.
  • Step 2. Write about it.
  • Step 3: Earn money.

If you’ve ever seen App Coiner, you’ll be familiar with it. App Coiner app, Write App Review is like it.

Sources: WriteAppReviews and AppCoiner

Write App Reviews also comes from the same individual, or group of people who developed Social Sales Rep and Social Sale Rep Paying Media Jobs..

A lot of people earn money online through writing reviews for apps (and product reviews generally) and the process is legitimate. You can make a living conducting tests and reviews of almost every product.

However, it’s not as straightforward like Write App Reviews suggests.

They say it’s a straightforward step-by step process that is, in part, accurate. However, it is important to note that the details of each step is what counts.

I’m not certain that the Write App Review is detailed enough to help you learn to use it properly However, that’s exactly what this review is all about.

There are numerous programs promising to show you how to earn money online, but ultimately are actually scams and offer inaccurate details.

Therefore, I’m going go inside to be aware of how Write App Review is, how it operates and whether it’s legitimate.

Are Write App Reviews True?

You might think Write App Reviews is a scam, and you’re not alone. They are promising a relatively simple way to make money and when you compare that to the challenges of your regular job, it probably sounds too good to be true.

To be honest, Write App Reviews doesn’t appear like an untrue guru scheme that boasts of luxurious mansions and Lamborghinis.

But that does not necessarily mean Write App Reviews is a excellent product.

My opinion is this app has value. Writing App Review is not a scam that takes your money and disappear. Instead, it will offer you some instruction and expose you to the world of app reviews.

However, there are some warning signs I’d like to be aware of…

Flag #1 – Red Flag #1 – simple as 1-3-2

Let’s clear something up. Making money with WriteAppReviews.com is not as simple as 1, 2, 3 as they claim.

There is a bit of confusion over how to define what WriteAppReviews is. It’s not without a good reason.

If we return to the three-step procedure on their site Step three is “Make money.”

It sounds wonderful But how do you earn money?

It’s reasonable to believe it’s possible that Write App Reviews will pay for you to write reviews on applications. It sounds that way but it’s not true, whether intentionally or not. However, that’s not the purpose of Write App Reviews is.

It’s not a position. Write App Review isn’t paying you to write reviews for apps.

The method you earn cash is through advertisements and as a result of promoting apps you test. If a user purchases an app from you, then you will earn an amount of commission. So, in order to make money, your review must have the attention of someone. This is where the problem gets complicated.

Let me explain…

Write App Reviews claims to give you a well-curated listing of applications to evaluate. There’s a bit of confusion as to the actual contents of this list (maybe this confusion is simply my own) However, I’ll the details down below.

At the moment, I’ll stay with my list of the top 30 applications (the first 10 are listed below).

Source: Write App Reviews App Database

If you have 5,000 users (just an illustration) who examine and test thirty apps at the same time, how can you get them to take the time to read your review rather than another’s?

You’re competing against the 5,000 Write App Review members, in addition to thousands of other (who aren’t Write App Review members) who write reviews.

Every reviewer wants to get noticed. Every reviewer is hoping to earn money from their review.

What is it that makes your review different from yours? What can you do to create a distinct review?

When people look up reviews on the internet about the product you’ve used Does your review show up or not? that appears or is it an other person’s?

Another way to earn money writing reviews. That’s true. I’ve done it with friends that use it too…

but it’s not as simple like Write App Review would want you to believe.

The procedure is “simple” however, “simple” isn’t an equivalent of “easy”. Therefore, claiming that it’s as simple as 1 2, 3 is a little false as well as could be a warning signal.

If you’ve tried signing up for Write App Reviews and found it more difficult than you had hoped for, you could also earn some extra cash by taking survey sites online. Sites such as Survey Junkie as well as Inbox Dollars are easy with no cost to sign up.

It’s not easy to make money from surveys, of course but they can be an excellent way to get started on the internet.

If more money is what you’re seeking, an online business could be exactly what you’re looking for.

There could be children at home, or health problems hindering the ability to work.

If this is the case, and earning a full-time online income is what you’re looking for Knowing how and where to start is all you requirein order to be able to attain the results you desire..

In this article, I’ll provide you with a free step-by-step guide for beginners to make money online and it’s available by clicking here

The Red Flag # 2 : Who is the Owner of the App Reviews?

If I had to point out another red flag, it’s that the owner(s) of Write App Reviews is anonymous.

It’s their decision and that’s fine. I have known a few people who earn money online in anonymity while being sincere and helpful. Therefore, there’s no justification to call it an ad hominem scam.

Let me say for the record: Write App Review is legit.

However, it is the alarm as it’s impossible to tell if Write App Reviews works if you don’t realize it worked for the teacher who taught it.

It’s impossible to tell whether that it was effective for the teacher in case you don’t know who the person is.

As an author of many reviews (and earns a living from it) I’m hoping I can add value to the classes being taught on this site. Below I’ll present my honest opinion and review not just of the what Write App Reviews really is and how it functions, but also of the process behind it…

How do Write App Reviews How Does Write App Reviews Work?

At its core, Write App Review is a program that helps you make money by reviewing apps. It does this with a training component and a free app review website component .

I’ll cover each step in greater detail however, I’ll first explain the process itself.

Review of Writer Apps breaks it down into three steps:

  • Step 1: Select the app you want to test.
  • Step 2. Write about the experience.
  • Step 3: Earn money.

To make things clearer to help you understand, I’ll break them further into:

  • Step 1: Design your app review site (this is done through Writing App Review)
  • Step 2(a) Step 2: Check apps
  • Step 2(b) Step 2: Write reviews
  • Step 2(c) 2. Generate Online Traffic
  • Step 3: Get paid

Step 1: Create your App Review Website

Writing App Reviews gives you your own “done-for-you” website where you can publish your reviews and make money from ad revenue, email sign-ups, and downloads.

Every review site for apps is identical and is easy to point and click to build. It is not necessary to be a programmer or setup your hosting, domain or hosting.

What you require, however, is to set up accounts with affiliate marketplaces like Clickbank as well as JVZoo. Both are free to join and offer you access to a variety of products to endorse and receive affiliate compensation from.

They’ll also give you an affiliate ID to be able to add to your site.

Step 2(a) 2. Test the Apps

Now that you’ve got your app review website set up, you can log into your member’s area and choose apps from the Write App Review database to test.

Naturally, it is possible that you could also select apps not listed in the database.

Check out both the Apple as well as Android app stores and search for the most popular apps. Try an app that you are interested in.

Be aware of certain criteria in these tests. For instance Is the interface for users user-friendly? Are there any issues? Does the app perform as it states? Are you getting bored of the application?

Step 2(b): Write Your App Review

Now that you have specific knowledge of the app, you begin writing your review.

Log in to your site and click “new article” on the left menu on the left side. It will open an empty page on which you can compose your review according to the criteria that you have set for yourself during the exam.

The instructional content within Write App Review provides tips and guidance on how you can accomplish this successfully.

It will also guide you on how to write your review and how to apply the search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to ensure that your review will be discovered when people search for it.

I’ll be talking about this more as I go deep into what the training offers.

Step 2(c) Create Traffic

I don’t want to give a false impression that all of this is easy. Yes, there are three steps until you get paid but this step is an “invisible” step because in some ways out of your control.

A portion of this is within your control and will be covered during the course. However, even if you’re doing everything right There is no guarantee the review will be read by anyone.

This is because there could be hundreds of others as well. It’s therefore important to select the apps you’re reviewing carefully. The review of an app that’s been reviewed numerous times may not be the most effective choice.

With perseverance your website may take time to start generating traffic, and you’ll be paid.

Step 3: Receive Payment

The main way you’ll get paid is through affiliate marketing.

Each advertisement, banner, email list as well as the button to download apps on your website for app reviews will include the Clickbank ID , or JVZoo ID. If someone purchases or downloads something from your site then you will earn an affiliate fee.

You may make money by advertising on your site.

The way that all this is put together is explained how it all works Write App Review’s instructional.

Write App Reviews Training

Write App Reviews is not an in-depth program. It will not give you extensive training in things like keyword research, search engine optimization, social media marketing, etc.

It’s possible that it’s not meant to. It’s an affordable program that wasn’t designed to compete against similar programs that are a lot more expensive.

If I’m not pleased with Write App Reviews Please keep this in your mind.

If you’re not certain the meaning of keyword research and search engine optimization etc. are, that’s okay. The program is designed to impart to you. In addition, you’ll be introduced to these abilities.

They are also crucial in becoming an effective app reviewer.

Writing App Review gives you an overview of these subjects in a similar format to a blog post.

This isn’t enough, in my opinion, to teach you everything you require to earn a living reviewing apps. Each of these skills takes time to develop and there are whole classes based on each of them.

What you can expect through Write App Reviews is the 3000-foot view of the process, however it isn’t perfect according to my experience.

The details are crucial in order to get readers to go through your reviews.

When you first sign in you’ll be presented with several choices…

The first button will take you to YOUR review website (more on the subject later) The second button will take users to the Pay for Review Database.

Member Dashboard

If this is the first time you’ve been using the members’ area it is recommended to scroll down until you find an option that reads “Click the Quick Link button to access all the Reviews, Training, as well as Resources.”

The button (and message) is located at the end of the page. It leads you to this web page…

Training Page

It is also possible to access this site by using by clicking on the My Review Site dropdown in the top menu.

Like you see in the image above you can see that there are several alternatives (and I’ll examine each in greater depth).

  • Beginning Training
  • Intermediate Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Make money from your website
  • Bonus Training
  • Need Assistance (not as shown in the image above)

In each section you’ll find a selection of courses, modules, and classes.

Beginning Training Overview

The beginner’s training is very basic. It’s a one-page blog post about the app reviewing process and tips for international reviewers. You’ll find some links to various VPN providers.

This section of the program shouldn’t require more than a couple of minutes if you’re a global reviewer who is evaluating every VPN. If you’re located in the US the process should not take more than one minute.

Intermediate Training Overview

This is where Write App Reviews training actually begins (the beginner training is pointless, in my opinion, and could have been included as a module here).

The training program is currently in place in the present, there are four training modules that are included in this section:

  • Earning Money with Write App Review
  • Evaluation and Selection of Products
  • What is the best way to Create Reviews
  • Reviewing Yourself to Make Your Reviews Amazing

This section Write App Reviews goes deeper into how the program functions and the way you can earn money.

There are some basic information including how to sign in to the computer system. A few advanced topics are covered, but there’s a paragraph I was unable to comprehend. It states…

“Once you’ve published multiple reviews after which Write App Reviews Write App Reviews platform works to provide you with readers. We’ll make sure that your reviews will be discovered by search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.”

Based on this one sentence in particular, I nearly wrote I thought Write App Reviews is a fraud and wrote my review around the fact that. Search engines are extremely sophisticated complicated algorithms that only a few are aware of.

Thus, I believe it’s wrong to assume that everything you require to ensure your reviews are found on search engines is taken by the search engines.

Search algorithm developers aren’t able to guarantee this or know with certainty what it will do to rank sites or websites for a certain keyword. This is the purpose of search algorithms. To accomplish what humans aren’t able to do.

It is estimated that there are billions of search results every throughout the day as well as billions of websites. Humans aren’t able to go through all of that information and rank it according to consumption.

I’ll come back to this issue further down because it’s extremely important.

As of now, returning to the class…

The course on selecting products teaches about product categories, app testing, tips for evaluation and how to record notes, and more. It’s helpful if you’re new to this subject, but nothing new or innovative.

In the course development modules The topics discussed are understanding your audience, explaining it with examples without divulging too much and recommending.

Additionally, you will receive WordPress tutorials, which show users how to modify your blog posts as well as add images, ratings and so on. Unfortunately, there aren’t videos. The entire training is written in text.

The Intermediate course concludes with tips and suggestions on how to make review content stand out. Examples include being concise in your writing, using concise sentences, and writing clickable headlines.

There’s also a basic review structure that is discussed as well as the best way to make use of keywords.

Advanced Training Overview

I mentioned earlier that Write App Reviews will not provide extensive training in areas like search engine optimization and social media marketing.

The main point of this assertion is in that word expansive..

There is a brief overview of these subjects however they aren’t necessarily comprehensive. There are whole classes which cost thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of dollars to teach these topics. Additionally certain experts have their own firms that solely concentrate on the specific areas in digital marketing.

Therefore, it’s not reasonable to expect extensive training at the price of Writing App Reviews ($27).

The Write App Reviews will give you a better understanding of these subjects however.

Advanced Training

The modules in the advanced training include:

  • Moving your earnings up to Next Level
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • More Promotional Opportunities on the Internet
  • Offline Promotion Opportunities

The user is introduced to advertising revenue and marketing by email within the next level income module. There isn’t any instructions on how to accomplish these tasks, only the fact that Write App Reviews will take care of the work for you.

The red flag is the most important signal, my view.

I’m not affirming that Write App Reviews are a scam However, there are many scams that claim to offer automated or complete systems eat profits off the top by putting their own affiliate links into your ads locations and emails.

They also develop personal email databases based on your efforts, since they control the autoresponder system , which collects contacts and sends out emails.

And they’re deliberately avoiding showing you how to accomplish these things on your own, so that they can make you dependent upon their systems, and are unable to determine what’s going on underneath the surface.

The social media module for marketing Write App Reviews goes over the top social media platforms, and gives examples of how to publish your reviews on your profile or to a group.

It’s all quite simple, and there’s not a thing in this article that you won’t be able to discover for free by just a quick search.

You’re introduced to an automation software, however you can get everything in more detail by searching Google and YouTube.

Write App Reviews SEO Training

Next up is the search engine optimization (SEO) module.

A mentorship or community platform could clarify what’s being taught If Write App Reviews had one. So, I could have misinterpreted the instruction.

Let me share my thoughts…

The course focuses on keywords. Keywords are word that can be searched which is used in the Netflix Squid Game is used as an illustration.

Instead of choosing”Squid Game,” a general keyword (or keyword) “Squid Game” A better alternative would be “Squid Game on Netflix.”

It makes sense. There is a higher chances of ranking for the keyword that is more long.

However, Write App Review does not examine keywords “intent”.

The issue is that a person looking on the internet for “Squid Game on Netflix” isn’t searching for an article on Squid Game. They are looking specifically for the series on Netflix.

Thus, Write App Review’s advice will lead to hours of writing and researching an article that nobody is likely to click because it’s not the thing they’re seeking.

Then, multiply that bad advice across more than a dozen reviews that do not result in traffic, and you’ll be left with a long wait.

Thus SEO training should include clear, accurate and up-to-date information. Write App Reviews does not according to my experience.

This module also offers negative advice on backlinks. Backlinks are hyperlinks from different websites that link to yours and having one from a reputable website can improve your search engine ranking.

If you purchase them incorrectly from harmful or spammy websites, they could harm your rankings in a devastating way. This is so bad that you’ll be left with no option other than to start with a fresh start.

Write App Reviews recommends buying low-cost backlinks from Fiverr that is in violation of Google’s guidelines.

It’s one of the worst things you could do to your site. Some people buy these Fiverr link packages to eliminate their competitors off the search results.

In my opinion I believe that my opinion is that Write App Reviews course is not only insufficient or lacks details (which is fine given the price). But it’s also dangerous and could cause waste.

Write App Reviews, Bonus Training

Once you complete the advanced training, you’ll have access to a bonus training module, More Ways to Get Paid to Write.

Bonus Training

A few of the lessons in this module are familiar from their other courses such as Social Sales Rep. I’m not sure if these are word-for word reruns however, they do discuss the same subjects.

The instruction so far was focused on reviewing and writing (of course, that’s in the title) However, this course also covers other topics such as article writing and resume writing, evaluation of search engines and so on.

Although there’s some useful information in this module, just like some others modules not much you cannot find on the internet at no cost.

As with others, I have some points I don’t agree with.

For instance, it states on one occasion that you can easily earn $300 to $500 from an article of 1000 words. This isn’t the case.

The truth is that it’s “possible” to earn $300 or $500 on a 1000-word piece, but it’s not straightforward.

The marketplace for freelance writing is highly competitive. The majority of writers are paid around $0.04 to $0.10 for each word. This is $40-$100 for a 1000 words, and they are generally pretty skilled writers.

The amount I pay writers is around the $0.06 per word range.

Some content providers push their content out at as little as $0.01 to $0.02 in a word.

Writers who earn $0.30 to $0.50 for each word (or $300-$500 per 100 word) are not just skilled and experienced, but they have established portfolios. They are also usually experts in a particular field, and write about expert subjects related to engineering, health, finance or law, for example.

Authorship confers credibility to the platform they’re published on.

It’s possible to make substantial money writing earning more than $300 per piece isn’t easy. It’s not something you’ll be taught through Write App Reviews.

In addition it is some topics discussed here. In terms of the topics are concerned, Write App Reviews does an excellent job and I’m happy to give their credit. They’ve diversified their training offerings. However, compared to other programs, they’ve not been very deep.

What you’ve learned as a guideline to discover the aspects of marketing via digital as well as freelance work, however, you’ll need additional sources, courses or courses. To become proficient.

Your App Review Website

Now that we’ve gone over the training, let’s turn back to the member’s area. As mentioned earlier, there are two main areas. Your website and the review database .

Write App Reviews provides you with a no-cost app review website that is hosted on the freshappreviews.com subdomain (presumably owned by Write App Reviews).

The websites of all members have this look…

Write App Review Member Review Website

They’re designed using WordPress which, so far as Fresh App Reviews will allow the site to be, they are customizable. They also come with an opt-in to email addresses form as well as around 30 reviews.

In the majority of instances (unless you’re only targeting the traffic from social networks) it is recommended to delete the reviews as they harm your site more than they aid.

Articles and reviews on your website should be unique to search engines..

If a search engine searches multiple versions of the identical report or piece (duplicate content) It will seldom (if ever) display the results of more than.

While this may not be the situation, search engines typically take duplicate content as attempts to trick or deceive the algorithm. There are copyright and ownership concerns.

Therefore, Google states that in such situations, they can “make necessary adjustments to the ranking and indexing of the websites concerned” .

The result is that any redundant content that you have on your website could result in your site being removed from indexation, and you’ll lose your future rankings and current rankings. Your site will become useless.

Certain sites have escaped these penalties, however it’s best to eliminate duplicate content at the start and get rid of the issue altogether.

But, that may not be the case because the duplicative content is posted on Fresh App Reviews’ subdomain websites for years (which is the place where your website for app review is located) So the domain itself might already have problems with indexing.

The best way to go about it is to create an entirely unique web page that is specialized to your needs (not necessarily exclusive to applications) using the domain of your choice and develop completely unique content.

Take for instance an internet search for any review of a product and you’ll find original websites that are on the domain of their owners. Very rarely, if ever, will you come across cookie-cutter websites with copied content.

Everyone would like an easy copy-paste or done-for you sort of method to earn money online however, they’re not available.

Templates, system and workflows that can help you in making your work simpler. There are experts who will assist you as well as tools such as websites builders that remove the requirement for being tech proficient.

However, the actual work needs to be performed by you. There is no one who will do it for you.

It’s similar to going to a fitness center and doing some exercise. There is no one who can exercise for you. Only the one who puts in the effort and time is rewarded.

Therefore, even though using the Write app reviews website that they offer is a good start, you will have to develop it with high-quality reviews and content that adds value to users.

If you’re searching for something simple and faster, as I said earlier you are also able to earn money from websites for surveys such as surveyjunkie.com as well as inboxdollars.com.

They’re not as lucrative than writing unique reviews, but they can be a way to get started on something more substantial like the online-based business.

It could be that you are at home due to issues with your health or your children to take care of.

If so, and a full-time , online-based income is what you’re looking for knowing where and how to start is all you require in order to achieve the results you need..

Here, I’ll offer you a no-cost step-by-step guide for beginners to make money online and it’s available by clicking here

It is the Get Paid to Review Database

Even though I was critical about how Write App Reviews explained keyword research in the advanced training, I give them credit for including it.

This is because you must be aware of the keywords you want to use. With the help of keyword research and analysis, you can discover apps with fewer rivals on the internet.

The review database is not able to offer these applications. It gives you the most well-known ones.

There’s some confusion. In case I’m mistaken (and please correct me if you’ve been through the program) However, in certain sections of the program Write App Reviews claims that this database contains a”curated collection of apps that which you can evaluate.

If you access this database it states that they are among the top 30 sites where you could earn money for reviews.

Source: Write App Reviews

Whatever the case, I’m in agreement to the things that Write App Reviews says on this page (screenshot above).

It is more likely that you will be money from these apps to complete surveys or testing apps, etc. You’re less likely to evaluate these apps for yourself.

These are all well-known applications and businesses. If you do not have an existing social media presence (or websites with high authority) It would not be easy to rate reviews on any of them if you decided to write reviews.

It is essential to locate applications that are not as well-known and thus more likely to rank this is why it is essential to conduct keyword research.

It’s also worth noting that you do not need to Write App Reviews for you to sign up with any of these websites.




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