WP Engine Acquires Company Behind ACF, WP Migrate & Better Search and Replace

WP Engine Acquires Company Behind ACF, WP Migrate & Better Search and Replace


Managed WordPress web hosting company WP Engine announced they were acquiring Delicious Brains, the company behind five popular plugins relied on by millions of users worldwide.

The acquisition includes plugins that are highly popular with the WordPress development community include:

  • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF),
  • WP Migrate,
  • Better Search and Replace,
  • WP Offload SES
  • WP Offload Media

What The Acquisition Means For Delicious Brains Plugins

Perhaps of top concern for customers of the plugins are changes. WP Engine reassures that no significant changes will happen and that they will continue to support the development and improvement of them.

All five Delicious Brains plugins will continue to be updated and made compatible with future releases of WordPress. The development teams will also remain the same and the plugins will continue to remain available in current WordPress repositories.

Their announcement stated that this acquisition is done in the spirit of their commitment to open source. WP Engine also stated that they will honor lifetime licenses to the products.

WP Engine shared the following facts with Search Engine Journal:

“The plugins will remain free and in the repository and we are honoring lifetime licenses for Pro versions.

We are bringing on the Delicious Brains employees and they will continue working on the plugins.

As we have with other tools like Genesis and Local, WP Engine also plans to expand support for contributors and the wider WordPress community by providing meaningful opportunities for continued collaboration and the ongoing maintenance and development of ACF, WP Migrate, and the additional builder tools that are being acquired.

Initially, we’re going to be focused on integration and following the current roadmaps through that integration. Our goal is to always make the WP Engine offering more value for customers but it’s still too early to share concrete details on that.”

WP Engine and Headless CMS

WP Engine also shared that they are committed to innovating and investing in making WP Engine a leader for building and modeling content for headless WordPress sites, highlighting the synergy between ACF and their Atlas Content Modeler (ACM).

They shared with Search Engine Journal:

“The combination of ACF and ACM will create the undisputed standard of content modeling for headless WordPress, further cementing WordPress’ position as a top choice for headless CMS architectures.”


Delicious Brains plugins, its customers and the WordPress community stand to gain from this acquisition, making the acquisition a win-win-win for all involved.


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