What Opportunities Do Marketplaces Have for Graphic Designers & Other Creatives?

What Opportunities Do Marketplaces Have for Graphic Designers & Other Creatives?


 MasterBundles is a graphic design marketplace that has gone the way of a startup. A few enthusiasts created it in 2016, and a year later there were several hundred sellers on the platform, a system of product categories was developed, and since then the platform has constantly become better. Products posted on MB will be of interest:

  • Designers, who create graphic design products & want to sell them.
  • Designers who want to speed up their work process by using already developed ready-made design fragments.
  • Content managers of social networks, sites.
  • Any business that has a need for graphic design.


MasterBundles Products

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By registering on MasterBundles, you will never get lost, because the site is designed intuitively, all products are perfectly structured into categories and subcategories. In addition, there is a precise system of tags that will help you to sift through the products, making it easier to get to what you are looking for.



Graphics. This category includes graphic design patterns, characters, badges, illustrations, and many other products. Almost all products are variable. The text of the purchased graphics is usually editable, the colors can be changed to those that you need. So what is included in this category?

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Backgrounds that can be widely used in the development of websites, and infographics. Badges can be used as logos, website design elements or images for printing on various products. In the characters category, you will find a large number of 2D characters made in different styles.

Icons can be used to decorate web resources, develop applications, and as ready-made fragments in larger design projects. More than 5 thousand illustrations can be used in the design of books, magazines, websites, and for explanatory infographics. Subcategory infographics made for the development of presentations, and high-quality presentation of information material.

Logos will help you develop your own brand just like templates will help you design your products. Using templates, you can quickly design covers, business cards, packaging, and much more. A subcategory of T-shirts specifically for the creators of printed products. Here you can find ready-made products for printing on T-shirts or clothing. Texture images will help you customize any graphics, artwork, or packaging you have designed.

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Fonts. There are a lot of fonts, divided into subsections and styles. The fonts are easy to install, and many have multiple variations of the same font. Want a font for Halloween? Please. Do you want a trendy font, like on the covers of magazines or maybe handwritten? Easily.  


Add-ons. In this section, they will get many additional resources for their favorite programs, which means many new opportunities for creativity. Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Procreate – content for those who love and work in these programs are already on the portal + the list of programs and products is constantly updated.

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Design Templates from this section will greatly simplify your life. Use ready-made templates for the topic you are working on, and just change the template for yourself. Lots of ready-made templates for landings, and for social networks. Products for WordPress, and a huge database of templates for presentations. But that’s not all. Whether you’re designing book designs, designing packaging, or need to design printed products, this section has everything you need.

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Stock Content. This category is full of various interesting graphics: photos, drawings, vector images, which are available at the lowest possible prices. With minimal investment, you will get graphics that you can use a huge number of times for commercial purposes.

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Blog. This is your best friend on the platform. There is everything you need to develop a harmonious business, and to improve your skills. Interesting articles about programs and products are constantly published. Feature articles, tutorial articles tagged “KNOWLEDGE BASE” and beginner articles.

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Free Deals. MasterBundles loves its customers so much that the portal has a very large and updated section with free content. After all, this section has free add-ons for Photoshop, Illustrator; free tutorials on: graphics, design, productivity, and creative skills development; a whole bunch of free fonts made in different styles; free icons, illustrations; an incredible amount of free svg files; as well as a large number of templates for infographics, websites, printing products, and presentations.


Being a buyer is profitable

This marketplace can offer you a variety of graphic products: fonts, logos, icons, background images, and a myriad of everything else, including the special feature of the MasterBundles portal – bundles. In addition, the platform has another huge advantage – the ability to customize purchased graphic products. And this is no exception, at the moment a lot of products that are laid out on the resource, by default, have such an option as customization. It’s easy to get high-quality graphics tailored to your brand/website/product, isn’t it?

The Happy Buyer Guide looks like this:

Register on MasterBundles, find what you need, focusing on the categories and subcategories of the site. For your convenience, the marketplace has a well-organized, complexly scripted vendor rating system that evaluates each vendor by several parameters at once, and helps buyers choose only the most professional, communicative vendors who care about their customers.

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And then, you just find what you like – and that’s it. The graphics are yours. Pay in any way convenient for you. 


We can talk about the MB marketplace for a long time, but it’s better to join our huge community and feel all the benefits of the platform. Develop your business, develop in creativity and increase your income, earn millions using top-notch marketplace graphics. After all, your success is the mission of MasterBundles.



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