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Top WordPress Theme Stores |


When picking a WordPress theme, you need to use a reputable source to avoid issues down the line. That is why we came up with a list of the top WordPress theme stores so you can find the perfect fit for your site’s needs without worry.

How To Pick A WordPress Theme

Contrary to popular belief, a WordPress theme is much more than just an eye-catching design. Sure, it is important to pick something that fits your brand’s image in terms of looks, but since a theme can also affect website functionality, you need to consider other factors when choosing your theme, such as:

  • Ease of installation
  • User-friendliness
  • Performance
  • Built-in features
  • SEO
  • Compatibility with third-party plugins
  • Code quality
  • Support

While you will be tasked with diving deeper into each theme to ensure it checks all the necessary boxes above, we can make your life easier by ensuring you shop from the best WordPress theme stores with the highest-quality offerings.

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What are the Best WordPress Theme Stores

Instead of gambling with unknown shops on the Net that could waste your time and money while causing frustration, use these stores to find your ideal WordPress theme, as they are considered by many to be the best of the bunch.

Astra WordPress Themes

Astra WordPress Theme

You will not find a full-fledged WordPress theme store here with tons of selection. However, what you will find is access to the most popular WordPress theme of all time: Astra.

Over 1.6 million sites, including heavyweights like NASA and Google, use Astra since it is highly customizable, lightweight, and fast. And even though it is just one theme, Astra comes with hundreds of pre-built demo sites you can import to get started with minimal effort.

Elegant Themes for WordPress

Elegant Themes WordPress

If you are looking for a WordPress theme store with longevity behind its name, that is precisely what you get with Elegant Themes. This shop has been around since 2008, and over 800,000 customers have used its catalog of themes and plugins to outfit their sites.

What you may find confusing is the fact that Elegant Themes is so popular despite having just two offerings: Divi and Extra. The shop had over 80 themes in the past, but it has since shaved that down to two.

Why should you use Elegant Themes then? Because its Divi theme is one of the most popular in the world thanks to its flexibility and versatility. And its Extra theme that works wonders for publishers is not too shabby either.

Whatever you do, do not let Elegant Themes’ low number of offerings fool you, as you could get everything you need with a quick visit to this reputable store.

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MyThemeShop WordPress Theme Store

MyTheme WordPress Themes

Over 700,000 web developers and content managers have installed WordPress themes from this selection. Some of their most popular themes can be used for business sites, blogs, eCommerce, or online magazines.

As for why so many customers have chosen MyThemeShop, you can credit that to its 70-plus themes that look great, load quickly, and are loaded with front-end and back-end features to help you craft the precise site you desire.

StudioPress Website Themes

StudioPress WordPress Themes

StudioPress’ Genesis framework powers over 600,000 websites. And while that may be this shop’s claim to fame, it also offers tons of clean and responsive themes for every type of site under the sun.

If you are in the market for a hosting plan for your WordPress site, know that by choosing either WP Engine or Flywheel, you can access StudioPress’ themes at no additional cost.


OceanWP WordPress Theme

Here is another WordPress theme store that stresses quality over quantity. With just one offering, OceanWP will not take up an entire afternoon to browse, but it can give you an incredibly solid theme that boasts over 4.6 million downloads to date.

OceanWP lets you customize its theme to your heart’s content, and it features 220-plus demos that are fully responsive and both beginner and developer-friendly.


WPZoom WordPress Theme

Anyone (even kids) can use WPZOOM’s themes to churn out a beautiful site that functions like a dream. The store boasts over 10 years of experience, and its themes offer excellent responsiveness, attractive designs, SEO-friendly code, multi-language support, easy installation, and much more. With over 40 to choose from, you are bound to find at least one WordPress theme to fit your needs from this store.

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Themify WordPress Theme

110,000-plus customers have come to Themify to fulfill their WordPress theme needs. The store features 42 responsive themes that can fit freelancers, online store owners, artists and photographers, and even musicians.

Thanks to the Builder plugin, you can easily customize any Themify theme via drag-and-drop functionality that requires zero coding skills.


aThemes WordPress Themes

What does the “a” stand for in aThemes? According to their site, it stands for “awesome,” With over 100,000 sites using their selections as a design foundation, it seems like that moniker is well-earned.

Whether you need a theme for eCommerce, business, or other purposes, you can find one here that is easy to set up, has a modern design, can be easily translated to other languages, plus offers regular updates and excellent support.


Pixelgrade WordPress Theme

Pixelgrade has been developing WordPress themes for over nine years, and over 60,000 global customers have used it. The themes here are more design-oriented. In other words, they place a premium on looks, which is excellent news if you are seeking something that turns heads graphically.

Restaurants, photographers, and magazines can make the most of the themes found at Pixelgrade, but they could also function for other purposes.


ThemesKingdom WordPress Themes

A quick trip to the ThemesKingdom homepage shows quite the selection of incredibly clean yet gorgeous designs. At the moment, there are 48 themes available here that can be used for various purposes, such as restaurants, eCommerce, photography, nonprofits, business, blogs, and more.

130,000-plus customers have used ThemesKingdom since 2010 to power their sites’ designs, and once you browse their unique creations, you will see why. Simply put, if you place a premium on style and having a design that stands out from the crowd, then ThemesKingdom may be your ideal WordPress theme store.

Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press WordPress Themes

Are you tasked with building a website for an artist, photographer, or some other creative business where you need to put eye-catching portfolios on display? Then Graph Paper Press may be your best bet as a WordPress theme store, as almost 300,000 users worldwide have made it their choice to achieve similar objectives.

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It has nearly 50 WordPress themes to choose from that offer minimal yet beautiful designs, plus fuss-free functionality. With over a decade spent building premium themes for global clients, Graph Paper Press also has sufficient experience if you seek a reputable and trustworthy store.


TeslaThemes WordPress Themes

You can gain access to over 60 TeslaThemes for $99. What do they all have in common? These themes are incredibly easy on the eyes, user-friendly, and of the highest quality.


GretaThemes WordPress Themes

You can find over 20 clean and simple WordPress themes to play with at this store, most of which boast awe-inspiring designs that are bound to wow your website’s visitors. Customizing one of GretaThemes’ offerings is super simple, allowing you to have an attractive site up and running within a matter of minutes.

As with most of the WordPress theme stores in this list, GretaThemes’ selections are optimized for SEO, have responsive layouts, place a premium on performance, and supply ongoing support plus detailed documentation.

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