Infomaniak launches an attractive alternative to Wix that simplifies the creation of websites and online stores

Infomaniak launches an attractive alternative to Wix that simplifies the creation of websites and online stores


Infomaniak website builder

Infomaniak website builder

It is very easy to create a site with the Infomaniak site builder

It is very easy to create a site with the Infomaniak site builder

Site Creator allows you to easily create online stores

Site Creator allows you to easily create online stores

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, March 20, 2023 / — Renowned for its cloud hosting solutions, Infomaniak provides a highly intuitive solution enabling entrepreneurs and SMEs to create a website in no time at all in order to present their activity, share news, sell products and create marketing campaigns. Data hosting, support and development activities are all implemented in Switzerland by Infomaniak, which distinguishes itself through its commitment to privacy, the environment and the local economy.

=> Making website creation so much simpler

Not everyone wants to follow tutorials to understand how WordPress works or to worry about the security of their website (updating extensions, the theme, the PHP version of the hosting solution, etc.). Entrepreneurs and SMEs are constantly looking for simpler and quicker solutions to ensure visibility and sell their products online.

Site Creator is an independent alternative to website generators such as Wix. The tool is a turnkey solution requiring no technical expertise. All the functions can be accessed by only three buttons and it is easy to personalise everything – the site menu, fonts, texts, media, backgrounds, spacing, etc. – in real time with no loading delays.

The page content is divided into blocks that can be dragged and dropped in a new location with a single click. Predefined content makes it possible to create new pages quickly, which are attractive and perfectly optimised for all devices.

Users can rely on local support renowned for its quality and accessibility. Site Creator will continue to evolve in line with market needs and customer feedback.

=> Showcase site, online shop, blog, selling pages – everything is possible!

In only a few minutes, Site Creator allows users to create a website with a blog and an online shop. From methods of payment and the choice of currency to catalogue and stock management, promotional codes, VAT, etc., everything can be configured quickly and highly intuitively. The tool makes it possible to manage a shop’s logistics and delivery costs independently while restricting the sales radius to specific locations. Sales statistics and orders can be managed directly in Site Creator and, if necessary, it is possible to export desired data to conduct analyses or targeted emailing campaigns using the Infomaniak Newsletter tool or a specific service.

Furthermore, Site Creator can be incorporated into flagship services such as Live Chat, Calendly (automatic appointment scheduling) and audience analysis tools such as Matomo Analytics and Hotjar while also natively including apps allowing advanced functions to be added which usually require the purchase of third-party solutions or tailor-made development:

– Creation of guides or a knowledge base

– Incorporation of podcasts and videos with a customisable player

– Photo gallery and carousel

– Calendar with events management

– Contact form generator

– Creation of restaurant menus

– File download

– Location maps

– Creation of surveys

Via the website settings, the tool makes it possible to optimise search engine referencing while an app can be used to compress images in order to accelerate page loading. The websites created are thus natively high-performance and optimised for mobile phones and tablets.

=> Free with a web hosting solution or a cloud server from Infomaniak

To benefit from Site Creator, simply order a web hosting solution, choose an initial theme and link the website to the domain name of your choice. The website is then displayed directly and everything is modified in real time. If necessary, it is possible to change themes at any time without losing the content already created. All the additional functions and apps are included at no extra cost.

– .COM domain name with 1 professional email address: €7.40 the first year then €11.40 / year, not incl. tax.

– Web hosting with 250 GB storage and unlimited traffic: €5.75 / month, not incl. tax.

– Site Creator with all apps: included free of charge

=> Infomaniak, committed to privacy, the local economy and the environment

Infomaniak is a key cloud service provider in Europe and the foremost developer of productivity solutions in Switzerland. The company employs around 200 people in Switzerland, more than half of whom come from European training programs. It belongs exclusively to its founders and collaborators and aims to be an independent European alternative to the web giants.

Infomaniak only uses renewable electricity, offsets all of its CO2 emissions by 200% via, and extends the life of its servers to up to 15 years. The company uses only filtered air with no air conditioning to cool its infrastructures and is building a new data center which will recycle all of the energy it consumes to heat up to 6,000 homes. From spring 2023, Infomaniak will gradually implement solar-powered generators producing as much energy as the company consumes. The first site will have a capacity de 500 kWc and will be equipped with solar panels from Meyer-Burger, developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany.

As an ICANN-accredited registrar, Infomaniak’s solutions are trusted by millions of users. The company powers public broadcaster RTBF’s website and drives the TV and radio streaming of more than 3,000 radio and TV stations in Europe.

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