Essential WordPress Settings After Installing a New Blog Explained In-Depth on Blogging Unplugged to Generate Traffic and Income

Essential WordPress Settings After Installing a New Blog Explained In-Depth on Blogging Unplugged to Generate Traffic and Income


Blogging Unplugged is among the premier online resources for information and insight on starting a blog and growing it into a successful online business. It shares proven strategies to generate traffic and rank higher on the SERPs.

According to announcements released by Blogging Unplugged and Jasmeet Singh, the detailed guide on essential WordPress settings on this blog shares information on more than 47 things to do after setting up a blog on this content management platform. These proven, actionable steps help bloggers gain traction on the search engines, increase reader engagement, drive more sales, find keywords to target, learn from analytics, and gain better returns on their marketing dollars.

Getting started with WordPress the right way makes a big difference to the success of the blog and also the speed at which the blog acquires a sustainable readership. 

Many bloggers start a blog enthusiastically but then let it drift because the blog fails to attract traffic and generates little to no income.

The detailed guide informs on the significance of the proper URL structure for SEO. It recommends SEO-optimized themes and shares insights on what a good SEO plugin can do for a blog.

The tutorial shares interesting insights on the best ways to use social media plugins to optimize for different platforms. When optimized correctly, social media can send targeted and interested traffic to any site. Some visitors are often major influencers in their spheres, and the content they share can get a blog, not just traffic, but also valuable backlinks.

A significant benefit of implementing the tasks mentioned in the free checklist of essential WordPress settings for blogs is that bloggers can focus on the more important task of creating quality content; many of the WordPress settings will take care of the mundane tasks and save the blogger valuable time and effort.

Jasmeet Singh of Blogging Unplugged said, “Hello, I am Jasmeet, an avid book reader, animal lover and the man-in-charge here. My online journey started in 2012 when within the first six months, I crossed the $1000 benchmark.

And from there onward, it was a steady road. In all these years and still today, I find myself answering some common questions and noticed people were passionate about starting a blog online and making money from it but had no idea where to start or were going in a completely different direction.

We believe in providing straightforward answers and not beating around the bush. Our articles and guides are detailed and written to provide full knowledge about the topic. And by the time you finish, you will have a clear direction. I have been in the online industry for around eight years and would love to share my experience with you. 

This blog is not about sharing tips or tricks but providing solutions that will help you in the long run. Remember, “there is no shortcut to success”, and we believe in it. The mission of this blog is to help new bloggers and show them the right path. Now when you are starting, you will often face challenges. Some of them will be easy to overcome and while for others, you may need a little guidance.”

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Blogging Unplugged is an online resource for all things related to blogging. It also hosts guides and tutorials on social media and web hosting. The deals published on this blog are real money savers and an excellent way for newbies and experienced bloggers to test SEO tools, web hosts, etc.

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