Donorbox and Indian Nonprofits: A Match Etched in Excellence : The Tribune India

Donorbox and Indian Nonprofits: A Match Etched in Excellence : The Tribune India


November 12: Raising the funds needed to provide life-changing and lifesaving assistance to those in need is a continuous challenge for nonprofit organizations in India and around the globe. As the economy still struggles to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, these challenges have only become greater, leaving many without much-needed aid.


Donorbox has made it its mission to help nonprofit organizations in India help others, even during these difficult times. Their robust and innovative suite of fundraising tools is among the best of the best. They also strive to make their products and services accessible to all organizations by offering the lowest fees in the industry.


Two Donorbox Nonprofits Making a Difference in India

There are several success stories of Indian nonprofits partnering with Donorbox to provide aid and services to those in need. Among them are the inspirational efforts of Khalsa Aid and Students for India.


Khalsa Aid, the brainchild of Ravinder Singh, has raised over $6.4 million through its several years as a Donorbox organization. They use these funds to provide disaster and emergency relief to families in need in India and beyond.


They have seen their long-term project, Focus Punjab, grow exponentially with the help of Donorbox’s recurring donations feature. The reliable source of income brought in by recurring gifts has enabled Khalsa aid to create sustained growth for their organization and spread their humanitarian efforts across 36 different countries. Most recently, they brought aid to those devastated by flash floods in Pakistan.


Students for India (formerly Mask for India) also uses Donorbox’s impactful tools to benefit those in our country. Founded by college students, Students for India puts Donorbox’s Peer-to-Peer campaign feature to work to raise donations and access valuable resources. Peer-to-Peer enables them to use volunteer fundraisers to build awareness and raise more funds – without using expensive events and capital campaigns. 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Students for India raised funds to procure medical supplies, personal items, and food for vulnerable individuals. Currently, they are partnering with Karm Marg NGO and Pinkdays Pads in the SPAD project, which supplies sanitary pads and financial support to women living in rural India. 


How Donorbox Works for Indian Organizations 

Donorbox has helped over 50,000 organizations from 96 countries, including several in India, with their powerful suite of fundraising tools and services that have raised more than $1 billion in just eight years.


At the centre of Donorbox’s toolkit is their best-in-class donation form, completely customizable to each nonprofit’s brand and needs, but still quick and easy to set up. Organizations can choose amounts, share impact details, offer tribute gifts, and add a recurring gift option – like Khalsa Aid – among many other unique settings. The giving form can be hosted by Donorbox or embedded into your website.


To make online giving even better for donors, Donorbox has introduced UltraSwift™ Pay. This allows donors to give up to four times faster through digital wallet payments. With Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Mercado Pago, or Venmo, donors are less likely to drop out of the giving process, as they don’t have to enter personal information and can give in just a few clicks. 


But there are many other offerings Donorbox brings to the table. Peer-to-Peer campaigns, utilized by Students for India, allow organizations to acquire new donors by empowering top supporters to create fundraising pages to share with their families and friends. 


With crowdfunding campaigns, nonprofits can raise funds quickly with the help of social proof. Goal meters and donor walls show that others are also donating to the cause – proving to donors it is worthy of support – and in-system email updates make it easy to keep in touch with supporters and encourage additional gifts. 


Text-to-Give can make a big difference in giving during events, religious services, and news broadcasts. All supporters have to do is send a quick text, and your giving form is sent straight to their phone. No need to type in a URL! Plus, it’s easy to give again with a single text, making those repeat gifts even more likely.  


Hosting fundraising events can also grow donations and increase awareness. With Donorbox Events, it’s quick to set up an online ticketing form that does the heavy lifting, including calculating and displaying tax-deductible amounts for each ticket level! 


A membership program is another way to generate consistent income and create sustainable growth. With Donorbox Membership features like unlimited tiers and automatic payment alerts before fees are charged, Donorbox takes the stress out of running a membership program. 


Donorbox also integrates with hundreds of other applications and platforms, ensuring that organizations can seamlessly manage online giving across all the tools they use, further scaling fundraising efforts. From customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Salesforce and Blackbaud RE NXT to email tools like MailChimp and ActiveCampaign to web platforms like WordPress and Wix and beyond, the list is seemingly endless!


Getting Started with Donorbox 

It’s quick and easy to get started with Donorbox. You can have your first online fundraising campaign up and running within just a few minutes! 


There are no sign-up costs, subscription fees, or contracts with Donorbox, just the industry’s lowest platform fee of 1.5%, plus standard credit card processing fees. Even better? You can ask your donors to cover these fees for you.


The onboarding process is simple, and Donorbox offers video tutorials and a weekly live demo to help you get started. Plus, they have a stellar support team available anytime to answer your questions and solve any challenges. 


Partnering with platforms like Donorbox gives you the tools to raise more funds and provide aid to those in India and worldwide. Launch your state-of-the-art fundraising campaign today to boost your donations and further your mission! 


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