Brett Goldstein Gives Humorous Tutorial on British Slang

Brett Goldstein Gives Humorous Tutorial on British Slang


The incredibly affable Brett Goldstein offered a humorous tutorial on distinctive British slang in a segment for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. While Goldstein knew most of the phrases presented to him, some of them were not familiar at all.

“You’re All Bum and Parsley” – I mean, not something I’ve come across. Do you have an answer for that? You’re all bum and parsley I’m told it means you’re a loud know-it-all. Not something I’d use.

Goldstein talks about his new Apple+ show Shrinking, Harrison Ford, and his new role as MCU‘s Hercules.

Brett Goldstein, the two-time Emmy Award-winning star and producer of the hit show, “Ted Lasso,” tells Stephen how he landed the legendary Harrison Ford to star in his latest project, the AppleTV+ series, “Shrinking.”

Goldstein also talked about the third season of Ted Lasso.

Brett Goldstein doesn’t know if his hit show, “Ted Lasso,” will go beyond three seasons, but he’d be happy to play his character Roy Kent forever.

Here’s the post-credit scene from Thor: Love and Thunder where Goldstein’s Hercules is revealed.


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