7 Websites That Are Hidden Gems for Marketers, Copywriters, and Entrepreneurs | by Jerry Keszka | Aug, 2022

7 Websites That Are Hidden Gems for Marketers, Copywriters, and Entrepreneurs | by Jerry Keszka | Aug, 2022


No mainstream sites that everyone knows

If you’re a marketer, copywriter, or entrepreneur, you know many websites out there can help you improve your skills. But did you know that there are also a lot of hidden gems out there?

These websites aren’t as well known but offer great information and resources. So if you’re looking for some new websites to check out, here are seven hidden gems worth exploring.

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Swiped.co is the go-to resource for marketers, copywriters & savvy business minds who want profitable inspiration for their next big promotion or marketing campaign.

They break down the psychology & strategy behind great marketing & copywriting examples so you understand what the secret sauce is that’s making people buy.

This website also shows you how to apply these lessons to your work, so you can start seeing results immediately. In short, if you want to learn how to create marketing and copywriting that works, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for a form builder that’s a little bit different, you’ll want to check out tripetto.com. It helps you create deeply conversational forms and surveys stored in your WordPress database.

You can visually build your forms on the assistive storyboard, which actively organizes what you create. This makes it easy to design highly conversational flows without writing any code! Plus, the process is clean, fast, and fun.

You can find many secrets to marketing success on the buildersociety.com forum. This website is a community of like-minded marketing professionals who are always willing to share their knowledge and experience.

And one of the most popular topics on the forum is the “Digital Strategy Crash Course.” This complete marketing crash course will put you in the top 10 % of marketers.

Suppose you’re always looking for the latest and greatest in digital marketing news. But with so many websites and newsletters, it can be tough to know where to start.

That’s why I’m a big fan of stackedmarketer.com. Every weekday, they deliver fresh content on the latest in digital marketing news, tech, and actionable advice. And best of all, it can all be consumed in 7 minutes or less. So if you’re looking for a great resource to stay up-to-date on all things digital marketing, be sure to check out stackedmarketer.com.

If you’re looking for excellent copywriting advice, you’ll want to check out breakthroughmarketingsecrets.com/blog. It’s packed with golden nuggets of marketing wisdom, and it’s all presented in a witty, engaging style.

Plus, the author provides helpful tutorials that show you how to put his advice into practice. Whether a seasoned marketer or a complete novice, you’re sure to find something valuable at breakthroughmarketingsecrets.com/blog.

Do you want to live & work on your terms? That’s where paidtoexist.com comes in. It’s not always easy to turn your passion into a successful business. They’re one of the best resources for information on creating a dynamic company.

From strategy and mindset tips to valuable advice from people already living the dream, they have everything you need to get started. So if you’re looking to make your passion your livelihood, check out paidtoexist.com.

If you’re looking for some writing tips, Julian Shapiro is your hidden gem. With over 256k followers, Julian is not hidden, but his writing advice is pure gold.

You’ll find tips from starting a startup to creating a podcast on his website. And if you’re feeling stuck, Julian’s tutorials will help you get unstuck and on your way to success. So check out julian.com for all your writing needs. You won’t be disappointed.


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