40 percent discount on WordPress plugin

40 percent discount on WordPress plugin


If you run a homepage or a blog with WordPress and want to generate some additional income with affiliate links, you can of course manage the programs of all providers manually. Or you can save yourself all the effort and use a WordPress plugin like the Affiliate Toolkit to directly integrate Amazon, eBay, Otto, AWIN and many more. Conveniently, you save a whopping 40% on all prices with the Affiliate Toolkit Blackfriday Deals. We also use the Affiliate Toolkit.

Affiliate Toolkit Blackfriday Deals: 40 percent discount

As part of the Affiliate Toolkit Blackfriday Deals, a full 40 percent off is beckoning on the various pricing models, called Passes, of the popular and handy WordPress plugin.

Between November 24, 2022 and November 29, 2022, you’ll secure the discounts directly on the provider’s homepage. To do so, simply enter the discount code “Blackweekend22” in the checkout process or order a pass using the banner at the top of the website, and the discount will be applied automatically when you place an order.

What is the Affiliate Toolkit?

If you run a homepage or a blog and want to earn some extra money with the help of affiliate links, you know the problem: Every provider, like Amazon, eBay, AWIN, Otto and many more, has its own affiliate program along with the corresponding website, all of which you have to manage separately one by one.

This is exactly where the handy WordPress plugin Affiliate Toolkit comes in, because it allows you to manage all affiliate programs including product data, price comparisons and images centrally in the plugin. Much more, the data is updated automatically on a regular basis, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

New products can be conveniently added via the WordPress backend using either EAN, ASIN or a keyword. Once imported, the products are immediately available for embedding in the blog.

Then you can freely choose how the affiliate link should be displayed. Whether as a classic text link, as a product box or in a listing: no problem. Even own templates with HTML and CSS are possible.

By the way, the Affiliate Toolkit is developed in Austria. Included in the price are not only regular product updates, but also an extensive knowledge database, as well as support via helpdesk and telephone. And a 14-day money-back guarantee is also offered.

Depending on the functionality you need, Affiliate Toolkit offers four different models in addition to a free Starter Pass, which you can choose to subscribe to annually or purchase a lifetime license.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and powerful affiliate program management plugin, now is the best time to strike.


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